Be Wary Of Copywriters Who Charge For Revisions

Be Wary of Revisions

Be Wary of Revisions


It is no secret that people work for money. I have never held an interview where the potential employee said they wanted the job just for the sheer hell of it.

Copywriters are no different. We work for money. (Albeit sometimes payment can come in the form of bacon). However, there is a line drawn when it comes to deliverables and revisions.

What Do You Pay For?

In reality, you are buying 1 of 3 things:

  • Our time
  • Expertise
  • Skill

Sometimes you will be buying more than one of the listed items. The result is the same: You either don’t have the time to create the item yourself, lack the skill to create it or simply don’t know enough about it.

That is perfectly acceptable. That is why copywriters exist. If you are unsure why your email campaign is being unsubscribed at a huge rate, or if you don’t know enough about landing pages and funnels to create an effective one for your products and services you outsource.

The problem comes in when you start feeling like you are being nickeled and dimed. Every small little thing is an additional price or fee. Some are warranted. Personally, I offer a priority service for an extra fee. This service will give your project more of my time. Again, though, you are paying for my time.

What I do not charge you for, though, are revisions. And you really should steer clear of anyone that does.

Revisions Should Be Free

In a perfect world you send your payment and expected delivery date, and in return, you are presented with a perfect draft that expertly gives you exactly what you are after.

We don’t live in a perfect world. I may be an expert writer, but I can promise you I am not an expert in whatever product or service you are pawning. Nor should I be expected to be. YOU are the expert. I am the writer.

This is why revisions come in to play. I send you a decent example and it doesn’t quite match what you are after. You make notes and send it back and we play a little game.

Often you will see some offering the first 2 revisions are free. This is stupid for two main reasons: 1st, if it takes me more than 3 drafts to get it right, I don’t want to charge you. I feel this is a failure on my end and needs to be rectified. I shouldn’t charge you for that.

Often you will see some offering the first 2 revisions are free. This is stupid #B2B #Copywriter Click To Tweet


Second, I expect you to know more about your stuff than I do. You have a vision and I am trying to fit my work into it. Your voice, your words, your services. I need to match that. Sometimes it will take a 3rd or even 4th effort. This again, is not your fault and you shouldn’t be charged for it.

You Are The Editor

As a copywriter I expect you to make changes to my work. Once I send it to you, it becomes yours. I lose all credit and accountability. If I use the name of your company and you want to change it to the name of the COO, that’s up to you. Sure, you can send it back and have me do it, but it is usually easier and faster to just do it yourself.

Edits are common in copy because words are difficult. You pay for my time, my service, not my exponential knowledge of the inner workings of your mind. You will always have final say, even if that final say is “do it one more time, please.”

Edits are common in copy because words are difficult. #B2B #Copywriter Click To Tweet


When I start charging for your happiness, I lose credibility. My goal is to provide you with copy or coaching that will produce, reproduce and offer a larger ROI than you currently have.

You shouldn’t be charged for an extra attempt or two to get it ever so perfect.

Be wary of those that think you should.

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