The Ninja

Ghostwriter Services

☑ Gain Authority


Insiders know that constant updates of prolific and well written copy makes you a stand out in your field.

☑ Create Stronger Brands


Target your audience: Get results. It doesn’t get much simpler.

☑ Gather More Leads


You need to attract a shit ton more customers. I can make that happen.



Why Hire Me?

You need results, you need conversions and you need copy written in such a way that your readers turn into paying customers; not into brain-dead cretins that want to eat their own skulls halfway through your pages.

With over 1 million professional words written in 2017, I am looking to make 2018 even bigger!

I get the results; you take the credit. It’s that simple.


Hi! I’m JT – Ghostwriter – Ninja

If you want to know why I stand out the answer is fairly complex. Are you ready for this?

The NinjaMore paying customers turn your business around. A standard writer’s byline sends potential customers off your site.

I don’t work for a byline. I work so you get visible results.

Others can’t (or won’t) do the research and groundwork that I do.

I will make sure you are completely satisfied.

You will be completely satisfied.

Don’t just take my word for it. If you need words written that will generate results; I am your man.

Are you ready to talk?

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