Be Wary Of Copywriters Who Charge For Revisions

  It is no secret that people work for money. I have never held an interview where the potential employee said they wanted the job just for the sheer hell of it. Copywriters are no different. We work for money. (Albeit sometimes payment can come in the form of bacon). However, there is a line drawn when it comes to deliverables and revisions. What Do You Pay For? In reality, you are buying 1 of 3 things: Our time Expertise Skill Sometimes you will be buying more than one of the listed items. The result is the same: You either … Continue reading

Grammar Rules: Why You Should Break Them

Grammar rules can (and should) be broken.   The world descends into chaos. The police are running rampant through the streets. Memes are more powerful than bullets. Snide comments on Facebook remind you to add an ‘e’ at the end of ‘your.’ While the grammar police may have a long battle ahead of them, they will not stop. Not until every i comes before every e; not before every person on the planet understands the difference and meaning of their/there/they’re. Screw them. Writing is a language. Writing is also art. You can’t be afraid to break the rules. After all, … Continue reading

Why Would You Hire Me? A Thoughtless Journey

Why would anyone hire me? Freelance writers, copywriters and digital marketing influencers are growing in number by the day (if we had guns and helmets we could take over the world!) So out of the millions, why hire me? You certainly have your choice of writers to choose from. What makes me stand out? Honestly… nothing. I don’t have a glowing portfolio (yet) nor do I have degree’s and MBAs and other worthless trinkets to tout how I have knowledge of a keyboard and how to send an email. No, I don’t have a lot of the things that most … Continue reading

Oxford Comma: The Lazy Writer’s Tool

  The Oxford comma (a.k.a. the Harvard comma, the serial comma or the series comma) is just lazy writing. I, personally, love commas and over use them. They are included in my text as parts of speech like a noun or a verb. I also overly use ellipses… but that is another blog topic. However, I abhor the use of the Oxford comma. The Oxford comma is lazy. Which is no surprise when you realize that America is the majority stake holder in writing styles that include it. Americans are lazy, I know, I am one. We shorten everything to … Continue reading

Why You Need Copywriting Services: A Guide

  You are an expert in your field. Do you really need copywriting services? However expert you may be, unless your field is writing words you probably really suck at copy. It’s a harsh reality, boss. But it is a reality. That’s why copywriters offer copywriting services: to save your bacon and make you look like a marketing genius. What exactly do they do though, and why do you need one? Let me tell you: Reason #1: You are building your business. It really is that simple. You have so much to do, so many projects to get done, so … Continue reading