Advertising Copywriter

My single mission is to create, edit and format your marketing materials to ensure your visitors turn into paying customers.


Why Hire Me?

Ads - Your Way

You have a unique product. It's time to introduce it to the world. Fast. Simple. Economical. Whether on social media, print, or video, your advertising gets the boost it needs to succeed.

Expert Advice

Your job is selling your product or service. My job is making sure the customer finds you, likes you and wants to buy from you. I can tell you how to make this happen.


I am not done working until you are 100% satisfied. Every project is dutifully detailed for you in black and white. No surprises, no twists. You get exactly what you pay for. Every time.

Visible Results

Organic SEO, ROI and customer conversions: all measurable statistics you can watch grow. Let's remove the headache of internal growth so you can focus on what's important.

Simple Consults

There is no need for long, drawn out BS sessions. A simple email and then a voice or video call will have you set up and ready to take the next steps; usually in an hour or less.

Cost Effective

Unlike some amateur copywriters trying to "get rich quick" or self-proclaimed "Gurus" trying to justify their status with higher prices, my fees are competitive and compatible with industry standards.

"JT is without a doubt the best writer I have ever worked with."
Kevin Huang
Kevin Huang
Tustin, California

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